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There are a few options when planning your trip to Maluk House....

Option 1- Fly from Bali or Lombok airport to Sumbawa Besar.

                 We can arrange for you to be picked up from there and driven 2.5 hours south to Maluk House for                            1,000,000 rp.


Option 2 - From Lombok airport, hire a taxi for the 1.5 hour drive to the Fast Ferry Terminal in Labuhan                                     (harbour) Lombok. From there it is a 1.5 hour ferry ride to Maluk.


Option 3 - From Bali, it is a 12hr car ride, including two ferry crossings.

                 You can catch the 5 hour ferry in Padang Bai and then drive 2 hours across the island of Lombok to                          Labuhan (harbour) Lombok.

                 From there, it is another 2 hour ferry ride to Poto Tano in West Sumbawa.

                 It's apparent as soon as you drive off the ferry, that Sumbawa is far less populated than Bali and                                Lombok.  From this point,  you can sit back and enjoy the open road for the last 2 hour drive down                            to Maluk.

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