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Mentioned below are the main breaks in the area, but don't be afraid to get off the beaten track and find your own empty line up! 


Watch the sets roll in from the balcony. This world 

class reef break throws out some of the longest barrels in Indo. Offshore in the SW trades. High tide. 



Yo Yo's

Located 20 min drive south. One of the most consistent waves in Indo. The reef isn't ruler edge like supersucks or scar reef, but Yo Yo's rarely fails to deliver a good session. Surfable on most tides, 0.5m- 1.5m best.




Located 20 min drive to the south. Easy going left hander. Surfable on all tides. Consistent.

Scar Reef

Located 20 min drive to the north in the village of Jelenga. Long and powerful. Offshore in SW trades. Surfable on all tides. Less critical on high tide, low tide pull in and hang on. 

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