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Tour the local sights

Let local surfer, teak farmer, and entrepreneur, Lihin, show you around this beautiful area of Sumbawa. Born and raised not far from Maluk, Lihin knows the ins and outs of travel in  Sumbawa and can take you off the beaten track. Hike through the jungle to hidden waterfalls, drive out to remote fishing villages and coffee plantations or trek out to less populated surf breaks. Lihin speaks fluent English and is happy to accommodate you in tailoring your adventures to your specific interests.

Guided Spearfishing

Do you fancy yourself a fisherman? Go try your luck in search of a Giant Travelly with local spearfishing guru, Indra. After spending ten years spearfishing in Sumbawa, he knows all the hot spots and can lead you to the big ones.  

Includes boat rental and all spear fishing gear


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